XploSens P

Detects peroxide based explosives (HMTD, TATP etc.)

Explosive detection with XploSens P — Explosives detection ink to test suspicious items for peroxide based explosives (TATP, HMTD, etc.).

  • Simple drop tests – Rapid and distinct color change
  • Instantaneously detects TATP, HMTD
  • Requires no additional components/equipment
  • Room Temperature storage
  • Conducts 100 + tests


  • Pure TATP can give a slow response. A noticeable yellow color will be observed within 40 seconds. If a yellow coloration is observed, the user should wait an additional 2 minutes to see if the color fully develops.
  • Sodium percarbonate (a bleach alternative) is a source of anhydrous hydrogen peroxide and is detected.
  • For some materials, significant bubbling is observed, for example if the sample contains a carbonate. These materials should be tested by placing a drop of the reagent at an edge of the sample.


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